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Introduction to 1.5 Generation

你是1.5代嗎? 你來到美國後是否一直在尋找一個歸屬感? 你是否對中西文化都能產生共鳴?這裡是為你量身訂做的!在這個1.5代的聚會中,我們喜歡和你一樣用Chinglish表達自己,不管是夾雜著中英文的對 話,或是略帶口音的中英文,都能讓你我覺得倍感親切。如果在文化、語言上,你仍然 在尋找屬於你的地方,那麼,在這裡有一群和你一樣的人!
Do you think you are 1.5 Gen? Are you looking for a place where you belong? Do you have a desire to express your faith in both Chinese and American cultures? There is a place for you. Here in our 1.5 Gen ministry, we will love your CHINGLISH and your unique accent. If you don't feel you fitin anywhere, we have a bunch of people like you. There are many worship services for 1st or 2nd generation Asian Americans, but very few that are specifically designed for the so called 1.5 generation in Orange County. We want to reach out to this generation and to create a home for you - a service in which we belong!

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